Friday, January 7, 2011

Star Crossed

This tutorial was written for those
that have a semi-working knowledge of PaintShop Pro

Supplies Needed
AlienSkin Xenofex
Muras Copies

I am using the awesome work of Keith Garvey,

You must have a license to use his work from MPT.
See his workHere.
No Scraps

Only an exclusive element from
Graphic Groupies.

it has to be earned,being an active Member.
Make a 600x250 blank image,fill with a light color from tube
you are going to use.
paste a tube of choice,effects,muras/copies
set the opacity to 45%
then merge visible,effects artistic/halftone.

next,paste a closeup tube,duplicate/mirror
effects,xero radience
default settings,or use your own settings.
add another tube layer,normal sized.
drag it below the 2 closeup layers.
effects,xero/porclain-default,only change the top setting.

all done? Let's merge these layers visible only.
Next is your preset shapes tool
I Used a star shape,width set a 2 foreground..color from tube.
background null(closed)
select inside using the wand tool
modify expand by 2
invert,paste tube of choice as new layer
arrange it so the part you want shows
then press delete.
layers merge visible
effects/Alien Skin/Xenofex2 Constellation
repeat 3 times,changing the random seed each time
add a shadow of choice.

Now duplicate,image resize,duplicate again
image resize again by 80% each time.
should end up with 4 copies.
hide all other layers except these stars.
using the mover tool,start spreading them apart slightly
then merge those visible only.
place it to the far left center tag.
and repest the effects/Alien Skin/Xenofex2 Constellation
on both copies.
layers un hide hidden,layers merge visible all
add 4 border,using a color from tube.
and again apply same settings using effects/Alien Skin/Xenofex2 Constellation.
applying 3 times,changing random seed only.
add your copyrights


new Image 145x145
copy a section of main tag,
select all on avatar image,paste as new layer
invert,arrange to use part of image to be seen
press delete,select none.
add border of 3 color same as before
add copyrights and save Be sure your copyright is Legible on tag before closing psp.

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