Friday, January 7, 2011

Loyal Elite

Thanks Lori for the kick ass new kit!
This tutorial assumes you have a basic working ability of psp.

Open the frame of choice from kit
duplicate,close original
select inside,modify/expand by 3
paste the black paper or one of choice as new layer
press delete,then  paste your kick ass closeup garvey tube
as a new layer.
repeat the delete,then pull it below the frame layer.
selections none.
settings below

now duplicate it,adjust,blur gaussion at 3
set opacity to 78% and hard light
layers merge visible only
now using the preset rectangle tool
choose a dark and light color from kit
I used a light color for the border,so it shows up on our black background
align center
select inside
modify expand by 1
past a word fill as new layer then press delete on the layer
select none.
repeat this using a different word fill
and erase off the section on right from first word fill
and you have both sides filled with different words
now just add your other elements as you like,this is only a guide,make this tag your own design

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