Friday, January 7, 2011

~Cano-Hell On Wheels~


*PSP - any version (I use 10)
*Scrapkit of choice - I used a mixture of 4 different kits,can't remember them now
Mask of choice
*Tube of choice - I've used the gorgeous work of Jose Cano which can be earned at GG. See his work
*Font of choice - I've used Bank Gothic .

~♥~Let's Begin~♥~

The basics for this tutorial,are
just a few elements.
Flowers,film frame,mask,
glitter spills,and of course your tubes.
Xero Plugin(free)
Lori's Crown would look awesome on it!
Open your elements,mask,and tubes.
In psp,make a 600x600 transparent image
fill with black to check your tag as you go along.
Copy/paste the film frame if you have one
as a new layer.
grab the wand tool
in psp10 it's 3rd tool on left
tap inside each frame section,while holding the shift key
now press invert on selection from top of psp
under selections/invert
then paste your choice of tube
as new delete/select none
after you arrange tube over the frame
then porcelain
duplicate this tube layer
adjust/blur/guassion set to 2
set to soft light in layer properties
now merge visible only
on tube and frame layer
make sure black layer is hidden

add a paper of choice
as new layer
load mask from disc
or make it new from image
if mask is open in pspLayers/merge group only
add your flower tube/tubes
image rotate 45 left
if you have a motorcycle tube
add it now
then add your main tube
place her above it
position her so she's sitting close to tank on front
duplicate tube,pull one down below cycle
using the eraser, zoom into your tag close
about 200%
and begin erasing out top part of tube only
that's over the front part of the cycle

size on eraser should be fairly small,so it
doesn't take off too much
once happy with it,zoom back out using mouse
Find a nice blocky or script font
pick a bright color from kit or tube
size 67 depending on your psp and if it acts wonkly like mine with fonts
type out your name.
add a shadow

Add proper copyright info
and unhide black layer to check it.
make sure it's legible
Save your tag as a png

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