Friday, January 7, 2011

~Evil Angel~

Scrap used-Evil Angel-Kristin
From SWA
Art-Elias Chatzoudis
From MPT
Program Used-GIMP

Make an image new of 600x600
open as layers the double frame.
erase off the left frame.
open as layers a paper and closeup tube
paste both as new layers.
tap inside frame,selection grow by 4
invert,layer-tube,transform/add alpha layer
and press delete,select none.
add the pile of skulls to left add the main tube
transform layer vertically or if in psp mirror
add the glitter spray
light element and lilly
arrange as you like.
adding your text,
type out as normal
go to the rotate tool and begin moving it
click rotate in pop up.
layer right click add alpha to selection
select grow by 2
add layer
fill with gradient,while holding shift key
this makes it in selection area only
select none
layers merge visible.
add a shadow add the copyrights and save

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