Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lovey Dovey

Art Elias Chatzoudis
Purchase his work at MPT  
kit Coutesy of Sarah From PMTWS
Called Lovey Dovey
Open Gimp,file new

600x600,advanced optios,transparency

open frame 2 from kit,scale layer 60%

find a favorite sone and make a word art using some of it.

I am using Otis Redding's "Lovey Dovey"

open the sb_pmt_lovey-doveygreenery 1.png

place below frame.

open sb_pmt_lovey-doveyribbon 2.png

flip it,scale layer 80%

duplicate,re arrange,move above frame

add your word art and place as you like.

add a closeup tube and pull below frame

use eraser to remove the part not wanting to show

image,merge layers visible only.

add a paper,open as layer

scale if needed.

add a mask as layer,leave it on top of paper

scale paper to 500x500

right click add mask

on mask layer edit copy,then hide

back to paper,should see a box with white border?

go to edit then paste.

then anchor selection.

remove top mask layer.

full black transparency.

layers merge visible

add a shadow of choice add proper copyrights and save as .png

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