Sunday, December 5, 2010


I am using the awesome work of Rion Vernon,

You must have a license to use his work from CILM.

See his work Here.

It Feels Like Christmas - taggersize kit by heavenDreams


Can be purchased affordably at Scraps With Attitude.

First open a dark paper from kit,

duplicate and close original

resize 80% all layers about twice.

load a maks of choice,then add a closeup tube

repeat load maks on this closeup tube

layers merge group then visible

begin adding some elements all around on top

of the masked layer.leaving the closeup tube

partially visible.

I clustered alot of different things around mine.

This kit is so beautiful I had to use more than just a couple.

I placed the limbs on bottom,then added the flower spray

add the rockinghosrse on top

added a ribbon,and a bulb,worked out prefectly

wasn't planned,it just seemed to fit the tag as

I was going along adding randomly to main image.

add the main full sized tube

add any shadowing needed,add name and copyright and save
If you want an even more dramatic look,
load yet another mask,and re add your copyrights.
below is an example

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