Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not Afraid Of Frostbite Are You?

I am using the awesome work of Barbara Jensen,
This tube was a Gift this year.

You must have a license to use her work from EAG.

See her work Here.

kit:Frost Bite - Pimp'd Designz


Can be purchased affordably at PMTWS.

To begin,open any paper,canvas size to 600x600 pixels

open the leaf frame,resize 80%

select inside,modiy expand by 2

invert,paste the dark paper and a light paper

as new layers

light paper below darker one

take your eraser tool and use the settings below

to erase off center,working outward

on dark paper.

repeat the same settings on a closeup tube of choice

place it below the blue paper,and continue

erasing on blue paper till your happy

add a soft blur after duplicating tube layer

set to multiply

merge visible all layers now

add the sparkle element and blue stars

add the snowflakes below these layers

take the blue poinsettia,resize 80%

effects,muras,spiral,default settings

resize again if needed.

add your main tube on top

back to merged layer,adjust,sharpen 5 times

Now just add your text,gradient glow white

adjust hue saturation,colorize to fit tag colors.

add sdb flux,bright noise at 45%

adjust sharpen 5 times.

add a shadow of choice.

add proper copyright and save your beauty!

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