Saturday, August 28, 2010

Roberts Goddess

Kit used is by Kaci at Scrappinkrazydesigns

Template by Yvette

Plugin:Xero/radience only

Open a Yvettes template

canvas size change to 600x350

remove top credits

highlight the circles layer

Select all/float/defloat/invert

open SKDS_Goddess_paper16

paste as new layer then press delete,select none.

on the other layers,bars,rectangle

adjust hue/saturation and colorize

using a color from tube used or a kit color.

adding the wire as a bottom layer

adding the diamond and duplicating

image mirror,place to top left/right

tap inside the frame,selections modify,expand by 3

invert,paste a closeup tube as new layer

press delete

drag below frame.

select none.

add the chrome frame,resized,duplicate,place one

left and right as we did our diamonds.

add your name.

on the black rectangle,effects,textures/blinds

set to default.

add copyright and save tag.

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