Saturday, June 19, 2010

Autism Speaks

*PSP - any version (I use 10)

*Scrapkit of choice - The kit I've used is from PMTWS,
called "Autism Speaks"

and can be purchased for a VERY low price from

*Tube of choice - I've used the gorgeous work of

Shawli which can be purchased at

See her work

~♥~Let's Begin~♥~

Open any paper from kit,paste as new layer

load your favorite mask on the paper,then merge

group then visible only.

open the foiled corner elements,duplicate,arrange top left,bottom right

see my tag for placement.

open the foiled star,add a closeup and erase out overhange.

add more elements as needed...add your main tube layer

place to right sitting on corner element.

add a slight shadow around merged elements&tube

add your name using a font of choice.

add proper copyrights for art used.

~I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.~

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