Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sexy Attitude

Click Tag for original image. 
Art is Jamie Kidd formerly of CILM,now at CDO
I purchased while she was at CILM.
Kit is Attitude by Pimp'd Designs at PMTWS

Open the double frame,go to tools /rotate tool
clck layer of frame,and begin to move it left or right
pop up dialog box will appear.
don't click the rotate button
till your happy with how you have it.
add the silver toned element as layer
scale it down by 80%
add a closeup tube as layer
drag below frame and erase off
add arrow element and main tube
duplicate arrow ele.
move one under tube and erase off parts from top copy .
add a paper and mask as layers.
right click,add mask layer
tick second box in mask dialog
add any other elements you wish
add your name and own saying
add copyright and save

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