Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Game On

Kit Gamrr Girl-Sarah-PMTWS
Art is Joe Pekar who has just recently left a lic. company.
See his work Here
Open as layers any template

remove credit layer

image/canvas re-size to 600x600

in layers highlight the bottom rectangle

rght click alpha to selection

invert,open as layers a paper

layers,transparency,add alpha channel

resize/scale layer to 500x500

or scale by percent till happy

press delete on keyboard,select none.

duplicate layer,grab the rotation tool

pull it until happy with loaction.

repeat with copy of rectangle.

up one layer,larger rectangle,rght clck lyrs,alpha to sel.

repeat as before with a paper.

let's begin adding our elements and our favorite tube.

when you have all of your elements arranged,add your main tube.

last add the cd not re scaled as a last layer to bottom.

add your name and copyrights for art.

save your tag.

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