Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pimp'd Angel

Art used Tony Tzanoukakis

you can see his work here 

Scrap Halo by Cora of PMTWS-AKA Pimp'd 

I am very privileged to be on the creative team 

and looking forward to another year there.

Thanks Ladies!

This is a very easy tutorial to work

I am using gimp,but can be done in psp as well with minor

adjustments as far as dialog

Let's make a new transparent image,

650x650 alpha color

open as layers a paper and other elements of choice.

you can use the mover tool to arrange them as you like

I used the scribble,wings,


and a flower

Let's just scale layer on wings to 67%

if this is still too large just repeat till happy

scale layer on other elements as well

add the effect satin using gimp's scripts in

layer effects.

type out a blue text and run the script

all other layers-elements you can use light and shadow effects,drop shadow

play with the settings.

very fun and easy to do

add your copyrights and save

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