Saturday, November 13, 2010


This is my second tag tutorial written using GIMP.
Tools needed:
Mask of choice
Tubes of choice
and this wicked kit by Artmama
called Intensity
for the part on how to apply the mask please refer to
Amy & Leah’s Blog
as the idea belongs to them,not me.
let’s continue with our tag!
image merge visible layers now
on the masked paper layer.
I used my own mask #6 from my blog
open as layers the time element
layer scale to 78%
place as close to center as possible.
add your main tube,
I used a new Ismael Rac Tube
add a couple of brads around as you like
I added 2
then added one of the blooms
and had her stand on it.
throw in the dangle ribbon behind her
and then type out some text
I duplicated,and rotated mine to make it look boxed in
and left the bottom part open.
add your name and copyrights and save!

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