Monday, November 22, 2010

Cozy PinUp

This tutorial was written for those

that have a semi-working knowledge of ·PaintShop Pro·

Supplies Needed·

I am using the awesome work of Rion Vernon,

You must have a license to use his work from CILM.

See his work Here.

Kit:A Cozy Christmas By Artmama


Can be purchased affordably at Exquisite Scraps.

Open the long word element
two papers

and a few more elements from AM's kit

paste both papers as new layers

add the word overlay also

on top paper,make a tear from top to bottom,

making it zigzag

adjust sharpen about 5 times

merge the word art and one paper

load a mask,and repeat the adjust sharpen on bottom paper then

adjust,hue saturation,grey scale

then sharpen 5 times

add the little hanging stars element,and merge group then visible

re load mask once more

add name and copyrights then save

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