Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Support Touching!

Supplies Needed

PSP - I used 10
Tube(s) of choice
Muras Copies
Font of choice
xero grey tinter plug in filter - here - scroll down to filter set 4

Artwork is © Ismael Rac purchased through AMI
Scrap Feel Your Boobies by TammyKat - get it at PMTWS

Let's Begin

Open the pink frame,duplicate,close original.

image/canvas size to 600x600,center

Tap inside with wand tool,modify expand by 4

invert,and paste a closeup tube as a new layer.

then arrange tube to show the part you want and press delete.

select none,go to effects,plugins/xero/greytinter.

sliding only the top bar to the right a bit,not much

then pull the tube layer below the frame.

add the large gel ribbon,resize once at 80%

place your main tube over it and duplicate tube.

pull copy of tube below ribbon

erase off part to seem as if her leg is inside ribbon.

add the buttons on left or right side, add a few flowers,resize to 80% and place left,right,and top if you like.

now,merge visible only all layers,

add another closeup tube and apply muras copies,wallpaper,rotate

ans then load a mask of choice to that layer.

layers then merge group and visible again.

add proper copyrights and your name then save.

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