Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Post Card love

This tutorial assumes you have a small amount of paint shop experience.

What you will need:
1.Art by Renee Lavoie which you can purchase here at My Tag Art

and you can see her other awesome work at her website here

Kit of choice:

I chose Post-Cards by Fanzy Designz (Lori) Here

it's an awesome free to use kit. Thanks Lori!

Open the postcard from kit,it's 300 or so in size.

we are going to copy it,make a new image of 450x450

select all

paste the postcard into selection

select none.

using the clone tool,right click a clear area of post card

now begin using it left click,and cover up the very bottom post card line

add the lines of glitter as you like.

then add the lips to top center

add your tube and place it left of post card

now,merge all layers,visible only.

image canvas size 600x600

image rotate single layer left 24 percent

add another glitter spray


merge these two layers alone.

add a shadow of choice.

repeat shadow on merged tag layer

add a paper of choice from kit,load a mask of choice.

resize image all layers 95%

add your text and artist's copyright and save.

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