Saturday, August 7, 2010


This tutorial was written for those

that have a working knowledge of PSP

Sparklies are a CU item I added for an extra effect.

Supplies Needed

PSP - I used 10
Tube of choice
Font of choice
Light effects - grab it PMTWS Freebies
the free filter xero/radience
Mask used from VIX

Artwork is Jose Cano purchased through Private Commission
Scrap kit - Chickalicious Tagger - you can purchase here SWA to purchase

Awesome kit - thank you Tammy
Okay make a 600x600 blank image

add a layer,fill with black

we will remove the black layer at the end.

Open 2 papers from kit,add both as new layers

re size 95 on both till your able to see your black layers just a bit

load a mask from psp or from an open image mask in psp

repeat it on both papers

now image mirror one,doesn't matter which.

then flip.

pick a frame,I used the long dotted frame.

select inside all 3 sections

using your shift key to get them all 3

paste into as new layer,a closeup of choice.

invert on frame,then highlight tube layer,press delete.

select none.add a crown on top of this frame

add a doodle on bottom of frame,but above masked layers

add your light effect element of choice.

add your name and copyright.

Save your tag as png file after
removing the black layer and merging visible only

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