Sunday, August 8, 2010

Already A RockStar


*PSP - any version (I use 10)

Vix's Mask 382
*Scrapkit of choice - The kit I've used is , called "Rock Chick" and can be purchased for a VERY low price at SWA
*Tube of choice - I've used the gorgeous work of Jose Cano which can be purchased at MPT. Please don't use without a license.
*See Jose's Work HERE.
However,the tube I am using was a private commission for Graphic Groupies

* Criteria - effective 8.1.2010 Must have a minimum 1,000 posts Must be a regular and active member - as determined by Lori and Shelly Must be able to cash in 300 Groupie Gold (GG's) per tube

Let's Begin~♥~

Open Vix's mask382

create a 600x600 transparent image
paste a dark red paper as new layer
load mask,new from image
drop down list,see vix's mask there.
layers,merge group,then visible only.
take the red frame,paste as new layer also
resize by 80%,twice if needed.
select inside frame using the wand tool
sel. modify,expand by 3
invert,paste a paper of choice,resize it 95%
till you see the edges of paper.
then press delete,
keeping selected,repeat using a closeup tube of choice.
drag tube below frame.
select none.
effects,penta,jeans at default
add the rock on tag,safety pin,
and a bow of choice.
add some pretty sparklies,and a skull or two.
using the font of choice,type out She's already
image rotate right 90,all layers un checked.
using a scripty font,type out A RockStar,and
place right below the rotated typed out words.
add your name and © and save your tag. ~I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.~

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Teresas Treasures said...

Thank you so much hun for my awesome tag.LOVE IT!!!! Thanks so much for using my kit in your tut it looks great:)