Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let's Play

Let's make a transparent image,600x600

First let's make our background layer

pick a paper,mask and any element from kit

I added the sb_pmt_bend it_halftone_soccer ball

and made it peek out around the edges a bit

added the flag,and rotated it to left

use your own settings as all psp programs work differently for all.

added the swirled arrow

add the grass element and rotate as you did the flag

place on bottom of flag,and ersae off the overhang.

load your mask on paper and sb_pmt_bend it_halftone_soccer ball

if you like.

add the frame of choice and add your main tube or closeup.

on both tube layers add the effect,using xero/porclaine

add your name and proper(legible) Copyrights.

Save your tag in .png format for use on any color background.
add your (c) and save.

~I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.~

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