Monday, July 5, 2010


*PSP - any version (I use 10)

*Scrapkit of choice - The kit I've used is from Juicy Bits,
called "Angelic"

and can be purchased for a VERY low price at

*Tube of choice - I've used the gorgeous work of
Bits which can be purchased at

See her work

*Font of choice - I've used Especially Kaye which you can purchase


~♥~Let's Begin~♥~

Open the black frame,image canvas size 600x600

take a cardboard piece,resize 80% twice

duplicate,mirror,drag both below frame.

add tube layer under frame,no resizing yet.

arrange so her back is the main focus.

erase off excess.

add the floating feathers,resize those 80%

open the Flourish01,place under frame and cardboard

take a paper of choice, add as new layer,resize it so you see all 4 edges.

80% should be ok.

load a mask from psp,duplicate,merge groups,then visible on masks only.

move mask layer down a bit.

add your text using a selection from glitter spill

as a fill and black as the stroke color

add your name and copyright info.

Save your new tag.

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