Friday, June 25, 2010

Own Beat

This tutorial was written for those

that have a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies Needed

PSP - I used 10
Tube of choice
Font of choice

Artwork is Keith Garvey purchased through MPT
Scrap kit - Clubbin Collab - you can go here to purchase

Awesome kit - thank you Sarah,Cora & TammyKat

Open the premade sb_pmt_clubbin_collab_paper strips deco

image duplicate,close original

go to image/canvas size,change it to 600x600

open the line of cd's,resize paste onto and place in center

open the sb_pmt_clubbin_collab_chrome squares

resize to area,and place on bottom

open the sb_pmt_clubbin_collab_sound waves 1 and

place above the paper strip layer

but below cd layer

open the round speakers and duplicate

place one on left,duplicate/mirror

close off all other layers except these

layers merge visible only

un hide all layers and make sure speakers are on top

begin adding your tubes,two full size to the left and center

place a partial tube just below chrome squares layer

use my tag as a reference.

add a paper of choice arrange,move to bottom

load your favorite mask from psp or

open one in psp and go to new mask from image

then drop down list,and load it from there

you want your paper resized to 95 % twice,so there aren't and rough edges on mask layer.

Finally,add your text and copyrights for tube.

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