Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mandy's Garden

*PSP - any version (I use 10)

*Scrapkit of choice - The kit I've used is from PMTWS,
called "Homegrown"

and can be purchased for a VERY low price at

*Tube of choice - I've used the gorgeous work of
Yeagle which can be purchased at
Please don't use without a license.

*Font of choice -

See Dean's work


~♥~Let's Begin~♥~

First,let's open the wood frame,image canvas size

add enough around both sides to add more elements

Open the picket fence,resize as needed.

duplicate,and rotate right 90d

then image mirror.erase off any overhang.

place the chicken wire under the fencing.

grab any mask,and a pattern paper.

ecp as new layer the paper.

then load your mask of choice on the paper.

layers/merge group.

find a tube that's kinda on belly or lying down

place under frame,duplicate,bring one to top of frame.

erase off on bottom layer and top,parts not needed to show

I placed a butterfly over mandy's hiney.

add more elements as needed,

add a shadow of v/h 0

opacity 56

color black.

add your own saying or word art from kit.

add name, add copyright for artist's tube and save.

~I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.~

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