Monday, December 21, 2009

Roller Girlz

Start with a 577x504 image

fill with white,

open the green retro-ish paper

add a layer and fill with paper

load your fav. mask,merge group

ecp bracket frame as new layer

tap inside frame, fill with color or paper

select none.

add you tube inside frame,erase off the excess

open the double frame,fill with paper,

ecp two tubes as new layers, erase off excess

merge these layers visible only,

ecp as new layer onto main tag.

selection,circle, and press delete making a
string hole on this framed layer

see my tag for help.

add the bright pink string,reduce size by 98%

place on top right corner,

duplicate,pull below frame bracket.

add more elements, add main larger tube.

add your name and Keith Garvey's © if same artist is used.

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