Sunday, December 20, 2009


Kit used:Going Green from Sarah
Artwork © Suzanne Woolcott
Open rope frame,recycle symbol

two papers from kit.

and sign,a tube of choice

font used on tag is:Aharoni

ecp the recycle symbol as new layer

place over the screws like mine

duplicate,drag bottom copy below frame

erase just parts off the top copy

place your re-sized recycle tag to

right bottom of tag

place your tube over the frame,duplicate

repeat using eraser,till she's inside and outside the frame.

tap inside frame, add new layer

using fill bucket, look in materials on right for the paper of choice open in psp

and hit fill

repeat this on your background
load mask of choice

add your name and go to effects,filters unlimited/paper textures

add your © and save your tag.

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