Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whips N Chains Only Piss Me Off

And can be affordably purchased at PMTWS
Art is copyright to Ismael Rac
I wrote the tutorial using GIMP
As I no longer use Windows as my OS.
A link to get GIMP is on my right side bar.
Filter used is Wave Tank
or if you so choose can be made as a
non animated tag.
I have both versions posted.
I probably should have re-colored the spots before
adding the white background,but
oh well
hind site is 20/20

The size of your tag should be no larger than 600x600

open the chrome frame and scale it down by percentage

to a paper of choice as a layer.

tap inside frame with fuzzy sel. tool,grow by 3

then invert,now on paper add transparency-alpha channel then press delete,select none.

add a main tube duplicate.

drag one copy below frame and hide for now.

repeat fuzzy sel. tool and invert and delete,sel. none

un hide bottom copy and bring to top,erasing off

so she's coming out of frame.

add the cuffs and repeat these same steps.

add a bow of choice, scaling down to fit.

add the spots element and place on bottom.

looks nice on black backgrounds,and there is really

no need to use a mask unless you want it.

Now once all the tag elements are placed, just add your name and copyrights.

if you want it animated,use the settings here
 go to filters,wave pool
and hit it.
then save as an animation,that simple

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