Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Kit-Girls Rock Collab
Sarah& Cora
Art Keith Garvey
and can be purchased at MPT

Open the blue frame,and a paper of choice.

canvas size,center with 500x500

scale the frame layer by 80% or till it fits

tap inside using fuzzy select tool,sel. grow by 4

on paper layer ...layer transform,add alpha selection then press delete.

drag below frame,set visibility to 67%

add a closeup tube in the same way.

add the studded button duplicate,place as you like.

add girls rock word art,and place on bottom.

add the pink ribbon with heart buckle

add the gemmed star and place over ribbon.

scaling may be needed.

move a copy to bottom under ribbon.

erase off enough to look like it's around ribbon.

add your main tube place below ribbon as well.

covering up the fact of it being a half tube.

add the sparkles over the frame part,and scale to 80%

layers merge visible.

add copyrights and your name,save tag.

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