Saturday, December 25, 2010

2011 Rebel

This tutorial was written using GIMP
a 100% free art program
and even has a version for windows users.
I am using it in Linux.
Art is copyrighted to Jose Cano
you can buy his tubes to use at MPT
Scrap Kit is by the Awesome Lori
from GG(Graphic Groupies)
You can buy her stunning here FD New Year 2011 
Click on tag for larger version

Create a 550x550 transparent image

open up a mask as layer

repeat open as layer a paper to apply maks on

with paper active in layers,right click add apha to selection.

then right click again and add mask,pop up shows a dialog box,tick the second one with black option.

it will appear to poof on you.

make top mask layer active,edit copy,then hide layer

active the paper layer,highlight the box next to paper on right

edit paste,voila mask shows up

look in layers,see an arrow? click it,to anchor mask selection.

then select none.and delete top maks layer.

image,merge visible only

add from kit,the chrome ball and bar.

arrange these like I have or use your own way.

add the 2011 element,duplicate,add a shadow or a glow using filters

add a few more elements and arrange as you like.

add your copyright info and name and save -export as a png.

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