Saturday, November 27, 2010


This tutorial was written for those

that have a semi-working knowledge of ·PaintShop Pro·

Supplies Needed·

Tube,fonts of choice,kits of choice

I am using the awesome work of Marco Guaglione

You must have a license to use his work from MPT.

See his work Here.

Kit:Veridian Fantasy by Designs by Sarah


Can be purchased affordably at PMTWS.

Open two papers,the ribbon frame

time piece,a couple of leaf elements

the fantasy gems,butterfly spray

a mask and font of choice

first off,I placed a dark paper inside

the frame,and added my tube, erasing out

just the part I wanted to use.

duplicate the gems,and mirror

place to bottom of frame.

place the time element,over to the left

aff your tube as you like.

add the leaf elements top,duplicate,mirror

then add another leaf element,resize place top left

add your name using font of choice

add the last paper,and load a mask of choice.

layers merge group then visible only

add copyrights and save.

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