Sunday, November 7, 2010

No Limits

This tutorial was written for those

that have a semi-working knowledge of ·PaintShop Pro·

Supplies Needed·

Gradient Glow(EC3 or 4)

I am using the awesome work of Jose Cano,

You must have a license to use his work from MPT.

See his workHere.

kit:Go GaGa
By, Pimp'd Designz

Make a new image 600x600,will re size later.

add the wire and resize 80%.

add the yellow splatter,and the no limits element

add a white gradient glow(thin in settings)

on basic tab,bring it down to 3.

add a shadow of choice.

add your main tube and place to right

add the aterisk elements,yellow or black

add a button,add a paper of choice,and change the

hue/saturation to a color from tube or kit

on the no limits element,use the selection tooltop to bottom

and make the color change again,select none

open the frame,add a closeup tube,merge layers and

paste as new layer onto main tag

rotate left or right 45

add any other elements your copyright and name.

add text of choice.

layers merge visible only


make a new image 150x150

re size 95%

copy main tag,paste as new layer

arrange as you like

repeat this last step,and arrange again.

add border of 4 color of choice,makes it back to 150x150

add copyright and save

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