Saturday, October 23, 2010

Steam Put

Steam Put
Created in GIMP

Supplies Needed·

I am using the awesome work of Rion Vernon,

You must have a license to use his work from CILM.

See his workHere.

kit:Sarah's new Steampunk dream
You can buy it at
PMTWS for a very reasonable price.

Open frame-3
sb_pmt_steampunk-dreams-clock hands

My New mask Here

sb_pmt_steampunk-dreams-flower 1

2 tubes from same artist

Open Gimp,make a new image of 600x600-Make your canvas transparent (Layer
Transparency Color to Alpha).

Add mask to paper (right click on paper layer in layer box

add layer mask , black full transparency).

Select mask layer in layer box, right click on mask layer


hide mask layer , (click on eye next to mask in layer box).

Select paper in layer box, right click on paper (on canvas, all you will
see is the outline of the paper) Paste.

Anchor layer (click on anchor next to trash can on layer box).

Right click on paper layer in layer box apply layer mask.

Delete mask from layer box.

after your masking has been done,just go to image,merge layers.

Opening the listed elements (open as Layers)

arrange them as you like,layer scale to 79%

fading out the clock hands and compass to 89%

and also adding a closeup tube and repeating the opacity layer

and that's all there is to it!

add your name and copyright and save as a .png

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