Sunday, September 12, 2010

Army Of One?

This tutorial was written for those

that have a semi-working knowledge of ·PaintShop Pro·

Supplies Needed·

Vix's Textures Set 2

Mask of choice


Tube of choice, I used Elias Chatzoudis
You must have a license to use his work from MPT.

See his workHere.

Scrap Army Of One by Teresa's Treasures atSWA.

This kit can be purchased at a low price At Scraps With Attitude.

Get the textures at vixpsp.

Open the light color frame,resize 80% till it's

the size you like.tap inside using the wand tool

selections modify,expand by 3.

invert,paste a paper or texture of choice.

resize 95% about 5 times,then press delete,select none.

I used a tagging texture made by Vix.

it fit right in with this awesome kit!

repeat adding a closeup tube,effects/xero/radience

settings below

once done,merge layers visible only

add the resized bullet holes

magic wand tool,select inside each hole.

modify expand by 2

delete,then still selected,highlight the framed layer

press delete again,making it show holes there.

layers merge again,visible only.

image rotate left 23 degrees.

add the chicken wire,and grass element

add the grenade,and a bow of choice.

adding your two main tubes if you like

add a small shadow to each.

layers merge once more.

add a paper as new layer,and resize 95% 4 or 5 times.

load a mask of choice and merge group then all layers visible only.

add your © and name then save as tagname.png

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