Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sit A Spell

This tutorial was written for those
that have a semi-working knowledge of ·PaintShop Pro·

Supplies Needed·

I am using the awesome work of Suzanne Woolcott,
You must have a license to use her work from Gorjuss Art.
See her workHere.
kit:Sit a Spell
By, Sarah

To begin:
Open any paper,and load a mask or like
I have done,simply draw using the selectiontool.
and eclipse,set to feather at 25 or higher.
invert,then delete paper layer.
see it turns out all smooth.
add a few elements of choice.frames,buttonsor pins.
I am using the warp tool to make my baloon
string wiggle.
after you have your tag looking the way you want it.
take the warp tool and move a part of the string once or twice.
layers merge visible,copy/paste into animation shop as new animation.
back to psp
press undo,it un merges then,
just repeat warp tool on another section
of string.
repeat till you have 3 layers in animation shop.
edit select all,animation frame properties set at 25.
veiw animation.
if happy,save it.
Be sure your copyright is visible on tag before doing your animation.

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