Friday, August 20, 2010

Gimped Out

This tutorial was written in GIMP

Supplies Needed·

kit of choice

GIMP (Windows has a version)
Find gimp here

I am using Linux Mint

tubes of choice

Tube of choice, I used Keith Garvey
You must have a license to use his work from MPT

See his workHere.

Scrap by Kristin- from SWA Graveyard.

Scraps with attitude Here

Since i am still learning my way around gimp,
this will be

just a what i did,not a how to.

First off,I open a new 600x600 transparent image.

copy/paste is similar to psp.

kept adding elements as new layers.

I added the sparkle effect to the bushes.

and the moon.

did a soft outter glow to my tube layer

and a shadow on new layer.

My text was made alone in a new image,using the filter

add banner text/chrome.

a viginette effect was added to the paper on bottom layer.

my copyright was a saved psd file that i simply copied/pasted,and

changed the color using hue/saturation.

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