Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HeartBeat Away


*PSP - any version (I use 10)

*Scrapkit of choice - The kit I've used is ,
called "I'm Not Crazy"

and can be purchased for a VERY low price at


*Tube of choice - I've used the gorgeous work of
Hammond which can be purchased at
Please don't use without a license.

*See Ted's Work


Let's Begin~♥~

Let's start with a 600x600 blank image(transparent)

add a black layer and hide it by clicking the eye

over in layers pallet to right on psp.

paste a paper as new layer and load a mask onto it

layers merge group only.

now add some of the kit elements and arrange like you wish.

I duplicated/rotated the asylum element

paste the spiked frame,resize if needed

add a paper under this layer,erase off the overhang.

place a closeup tube inside frame.

effects,radience,random setting on 3rd click

duplicate set top layer to luminance.

layers merge visible only.

add the barbed wire and cigarette

add a bow and more elements.

add your main tube layer and any shadowing you like.

add your name and copyright info then save as a .png

for use on any color backgrounds.

~I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.~

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