Saturday, June 19, 2010

Live Loud

Cora's Awesome new kit Play It Loud

*PSP - any version (I used 9)

*My Template
is "Here"

*Tube of choice - I've used the gorgeous work of
Rac which was purchased at
Site is Closed Now

Leah you will be missed!!!

*See his work



~♥~Let's Begin~♥~

Open my template

Open my template,already 600x250

open a tube of choice,duplicate it

tap inside one side of rectangles(left) first

selections modify/expand by 2

invert,paste tube layer,arrange,then press delete and select none.

repeat same step for right side rectangles

when done,merge the two layers visible only.

grab the paper from Cora's kit(any paper)

paste as new layer,crop tool,set to the last square

crop/merged opaque

should keep it 600x250

now add the chain element,rotate 90 left or right

move to left of center

duplicate,mirror to right

add the winged heart element,and sparkle

add the microphone,rotate 33 right

layers merge visible

repeat crop so it's all uniform

add a border of 10 color black and save your tag.

for the avatar, duplicate your tag, crop the part you want

and paste it onto a 150x150 new image as new layer

layers merge visible,repeat add border,but only make it 3.

add your name and copyrights.
~I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.~

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